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Pellet is becoming increasingly popular as it is ecological, cheap and easy to use. It allows to keep the storage room clean.
The market offers a variety of pellet boilers as well as stoves that can burn pellet, coal, eco-pea coal or wood. The cost of investment pays back quickly, while the convenience of burning pellet adds comfort to its users.
Our pellet is made of oak and spruce waste, the by-product of parquet manufacturing process. It is made entirely of natural wood, without any artificial additives. After burning, only ca 0.4 percent of ash remains, which then can be used as a natural fertiliser.

Holzexport pellet characteristics:
Oak-spruce pellet
Diameter: ø6 mm
Length: 13 mm
Calorific value: 17 MJ/kg
Ash: ca. 0.4 %

A 15-kg bag on an industrial pallet, each with 70 bags, 1 pallet weighs ca. 1050 kg Big Bag ca. 1000 kg, packed to a tank, ca. 20 tons

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