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Every high quality floor requires proper care to ensure its perfect condition. Using the suggested maintenance product it is easy to clean, refresh and take care of floors hardened with UV rays.

Protecting and maintaining
Wash care is a product used for protecting and maintaining varnished wooden floors. It renews scratched floors that lost their luster and refreshes their looks.

Types of care depend on how floor surfaces are used. Below recommendations are approximate and may be adjusted to individual needs:

- surfaces used moderately (e.g. flats) – once per 2-4 weeks,
- surfaces with average use (e.g. retail space) – once per 1-2 weeks,
- surfaces used extensively (e.g. restaurants, stores, industrial plants) – once per 1-2 days.

Make sure there is no water or moisture on floors during cleaning or maintaining operations as it may damage (bulge) the surface.

Concentrated maintanance agent for varnished wooden floors.
Regulary used cares the wooden floor and ensures its great appearance.

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