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For daily care we recommend Saicos products, but other products are also acceptable after consulting sales advisor. 


Your parquet is factory-impregnated with an oil for wooden floors. Check for presence of single spots or stains, e.g. resin or fingerprints, immediately after fitting and remove them as needed. We recommend SAICOS solvent (Verdunner/Reiniger) no 5100. The product is customer- and floor- friendly. 

1.1. First maintenance

Wash the whole floor and apply the washing-care product PFLEGEWACHS (care wax) as recommended. Use plate polishing machine and a soft pad to apply it. This is necessary to protect edges of parquet. Fitter decides whether to polish the floor with soft cotton cloth.  

2. FOR DAILY CARE we recommend the following products of SAICOS company: 

2.1. Standard care (as needed) Remove dust or dirt with mop, cloth, broom or vacuum cleaner. 

2.2. Standard cleaning (as needed)

To remove adhering, water-soluble dirt, wash the floor with a damp cloth. Use SAICOS WISCHPFLEGE wiping product in the following proportion: 2 caps for 5 liters of water. Wring the cloth and wipe the floor dry. Do not use alkaline products (soaps) for cleaning.

2.3. Intensive cleaning (as needed)

To remove persistent dirt, such as black smudges from shoe soils, apply a small amount of colorless or colored wax care product – WAX SAICOS CARE (or SAICOS CARE WAX SPRAY ) on a clean cloth or directly on the stain and wipe with cloth or SAICOS polishing pad (Scotchpad).

2.4. Refreshing care (as needed)

Wash the floor dry and/ or wet (see point 2.1.). Apply SAICOS PFLEGEWACHS care wax on a cloth or directly on the floor (1 cap for 1-2 sqm) and spread a thin layer, using cloth, broom or polishing machine with pad. Places used more intensively may be refreshed more often. Apply wax sparingly to avoid smudges. If too much wax has been applied, remove the excess by using a SAICOS MA GIC CLEANER. Then apply a new layer of wax, using SAICOS PREMIUM HART WACHS OL hard oil wax.

2.5. Repairing mechanical damages

Polish damaged areas to obtain plain and smooth surface. Remove dust carefully and apply one or two thin layers of the SAICOS HART WACHS OL or SAICOS PREMIUM HART WACHS OL hard oil wax.

2.6. Partial renovation

Either entire surface or its part may be renovated, as required. Apply new layer of SAICOS HART WACHS OL or SAICOS PREMIUM HART WACHS OL hard oil wax on a clean and dry floor. No visible sediment is made.

2.7. Complete renovation of worn-out or very dirty floors

Wash the floor carefully with SAICOS MA GIC CLEANER cleaning agent (follow the use manual*). After the floor has dried completely, apply the SAICOS HART WACHS OL or SAICOS PREMIUM HART WACHS OL hard oil wax two times.

*SAICOS MA GIC CLEANER, dissolve in water, 1:10 proportion. Apply evenly on the floor and leave for ca. 5-20 minutes. Then remove dirt, wipe the floor two or three times with clean water and wipe it dry.