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Our parquet

Our mission is to design and manufacture beautiful, durable and practical floors that will embellish any interior. A vast experience and well-considered activities lie at the foundations of our floors and their quality.

„Wood is our passion, which we have been consistently developing for years.
World Thanks to it, we deliver floors that meet the highest expectations.”

See what distinguishes our boards and what you gain thanks to it

Thick usable layer (4 or 6 mm).

Longer life of floors as they may be sanded many times.

Bottom part made of solid spruce or oak lamellas (we never use plywood or wood-based products!)

Excellent thermal conductivity compared to other parguets, which considerably reduces the cost of heating. Let's compare thermal conductivity λ (W/mK): - plywood underlay 0,13 - solid oak underlay: 0,2

Small total thickness of the parquet: 11 or 14 mm.

Perfect suitability for underfloor heating system. The thickness of a board ideally matches other floor materials, such as ceramics tiles or stone.

Bottom layer is not wired.

Bottom layer os not WIRED. Much safer fitting of parquets (e.g. during cutting).

Parquets 100 % FSC® certified.

A quarantee that the raw material is obtained from legal sources - sustainably-managed forests and with supervised logging.

They meet the highest requirements as regards the emission of harmful compounds (class E1 and PCE≤5x10-6n).

Healthy and natural product, approved by the German Institute for Civil Engineering (Deutsches Institut fur Bautechnik - DiBt) (Allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung, "National technical approval" DIN EN 14342) and proved even at the demanding Japanese market!


(no tr.) Przedstawienie struktury deski

In everyday work, we use modern, certified machines, thanks to which we create the highest quality parquet floors that meet the most stringent standards.

This makes our products find application in many prestigious places in Poland and Europe.

Image with plank size comparision