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Certificate FSC®

To ensure and prove our care for natural environment and future development of our planet as well as to prevent the trade of illegally procured wood, we have put forward an initiative and decided to acquire the certificate that state the source of raw material. Since May 2014, our company has been a proud holder of the FSC® certificate (raw material origins), which is the evidence of our utmost care for the selection of proper raw material - the one obtained from certified, sustainably-managed forests as well as from other controlled sources.
Our range of products offers several types of wood from certified forests (FSC® certificate):
  • Oak
  • Smoked Oak
  • Castano Oak
  • Canadian Maple
  • Steamed Beech
  • Black Cherry
The mark of responsible forestry

If you need a guarantee that the product you buy is made of materials obtained from legal and sustainably-managed forests, we will provide a copy of certificates upon request.

FSC Certyfikat

Certificate TÜV PROFI CERT

Please be advised that we have successfully passed the certification of the TÜV PROFI CERT system. Obtaining the TÜV PROFI CERT certificate confirms the high quality of the manufactured products. Certification procedures were developed and applied with strictly defined requirements and legal provisions.

The TÜV PROFI CERT certificate is not only certain that our products meet the appropriate safety and quality requirements, but also stand out from the competition from other offers on the market. The certification process examines the technological and control processes of the product, which are important for the quality of the product. Customers can be sure of high-quality products and their high security, without adverse effects on the environment and human, because the products are tested for the emission of harmful substances.

The constant monitoring of the market and the level of customer satisfaction is a confirmation of the high safety of using our products.

Certyfikat TUV

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