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The reasons for choosing wooden floors are simply too many to list. From a beautiful looks of interiors to ecological and environmental matters, just to mention a few. This is why we have decided to present a short summary. Below you will find the main advantages of two-layer wooden floors:


Durability above all


The highest-quality wooden floors retain their durability for many years. Thanks to its two-layer structure, parquets ensure quietness, they may be renewed and sanded. Even after many years of using them, wooden floors will retain its natural beauty, satisfying even the most refined tastes.





Hygiene and easy care


Wooden floor is a living structure – it breathes and works. With proper maintenance and care, you will enjoy it for years to come. Learning just a few principles of adequate care is sufficient to see how simple it is! To do this, we encourage you to visit the “Care” tab at our website.



Splendid presence


The beauty lies in wood alone. Subject to adequate processing, it may be adjusted to any interior, both classical rooms and modern apartments. A significant advantage of two-layer parquets is the fact that they can be fitted in any pattern possible.





Close to nature


As a natural material, wood has been used by people for ages. We have learned how to preserve it, take care of it and renew its resources. Our floors are created with passion and respect for natural environment.



Unique character of interiors


Looking at a wooden floor it is easy to see how different the boards are. Each one has its own character and soul, each tells its own story. And it is that story which creates a unique atmosphere in your house.






Which kind of floor would suit every interior if not the wooden one? Which would be able to satisfy various tastes even after many years? Wooden floors are bound to add the touch of chic and elegance to every interior. Wood is timeless, and, like a good wine, it is the synonym of exquisite taste