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Technical conditions for fitting the two-layer parquet on a floor with a heating system
Because of their structure, our two-layer parquets are suitable for fitting on the floors with a water- based heating system. It is not recommended to fit our parquets on electrical heating systems.
We have prepared a few practical guidelines for you so that you can enjoy your wooden floor with a heating system for many years:
1. Make sure that the subfloor is solid, dry, with no cracks and dirt. Before fitting the parquet, remove carefully all elastic or textile ground coats. All irregularities of the surface should be levelled.

2. Pay particular attention to subfloor humidity – it must not exceed 1.6% CM (for concrete subfloor) and 0.3% CM (for anhydrite subfloors). We recommend that you obtain the lowest values possible. It is required to provide a subfloor heating protocol as well CM measurement score protocol, which should comprise a part of the project documentation.

3. Your own safety you may consider preparing a warm-up protocol. It can be drawn up by the installer of the heating system. It should then be signed and submitted to the investor. Please bear in mind that the protocol for proper operation of the heating system does not state that the subfloor meets the requirements for fitting the parquet.
4. The measurement protocol should contain the precise and permanently marked (applied on the technical drawing) points of taking measures, determined by the professional parquet fitter. If the underlayment is found to be too humid, warm it at the temperature of ca. 40oC (until it reaches the recommended humidity values).

5. If the period between the last day of warming the floor and the scheduled beginning of parquet fitting is longer than seven days, then the subfloor should be warmed again before the fitting works begin for at least two days and in the temperature above 40oC. After that time, repeat the measurement of underlayment humidity.

6. Parquets should be fitted at the temperature of 18-20oC and relative air humidity less than 60%.

7. Once the parquet is fitted, the temperature of its surface should not exceed 26oC.

8. Thick carpets that do not pass air may cause an excessive accumulation of heat on the parquet surface during the heating season.

9. Because of wood’s natural properties, cracks might occur in parquets during the heating season, particularly when the recommended maximum temperature at the surface is exceeded or the humidity level in the room is too low. Even a single and short drying of the room to the level below 40% may cause cracks and gaps to appear. However, it is not regarded as a quality defect of a parquet. To minimise such risk and avoid unwanted effects, maintain the air temperature in the room at ca. 18-22oC and the relative humidity at 45-60%..

You may find the information about the suitability of particular types of wood for in-floor heating systems next to a given product or by contacting us either in person or using the contact form. Please include adequate notice in the order form. The guidelines have been prepared on the basis of our broad experience and our best knowledge. They are addressed to our customers to serve as an assistance. They do not contain information deemed as generally known and adopted by expert fitters.
The guidelines are not legally binding and thus may not be considered as the grounds for any civil liability claims or guarantee claims despite being adhered to or followed by customers.